Scoti Flit Bar Rising Star Award

Each year, Lana Merrick-Bailey presents the prestigious Scoti Flit Bar Rising Star Award at the Wrangler NFR. The Rising Star Award, given in memory of Scoti Flit Bar, was created by past NFR qualifier Lana Merrick as a way of recognizing the year-long achievements of a horse that is making its first appearance at the NFR. Scoti Flit Bar and Merrick qualified for a pair of NFR’s in 1987 and 1989 before Merrick lost her great partner to a rare blood disease. The Rising Star Award is given to a first-time Wrangler NFR qualifying horse to honor all the great ones that should never be forgotten. This award is voted on by the top 15 barrel racers prior to the NFR.

Scoti Flit Bar 1987.jpeg

Lana and Scoti Flit Bar at the 1987 Wrangler NFR